It’s not me… imagines the planet and a human being in a make-or-break conversation about their relationship.

How did we get here? Can there be hope for the future?

This searing dance-theatre work lays bare the emotions we can feel when facing the climate emergency: betrayal, fear, helplessness, anger, empowerment, wonder and hope.

It’s not me… has been supported by the Gillian Dickinson Trust and has been commissioned by Dance City.


2 Dec 2022 at Dance City, Newcastle.


Choreographer and Director – Wayne Parsons
Writer – Ankur Bahl
Dramaturg – Pooja Ghai
Designer – Nicolai Hart-Hansen
Lighting Designer – Guy Hoare
Composer and Sound Designer – Max Pappenhiem


Katie Lusby
Michael Marcus
Clemmie Sveeas
Caldonia Walton

Alethia Antonia
Vanessa Guevara Flores
Katie Lusby
Michael Marcus


Producers – Lise Smith and Wayne Parsons
Production Administrator – Georgia Shire
Environment Officer – Marla King

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“The redesign of our world will need artists to provide imagination, creativity and emotional connections—both to the mess we have created and to the possibilities we can create together.”

Tensie Whelan

Graphic artist Tristan Telander described art as a means to compress climate data and represent large spans of time in a more easily understood artistic representation.

Tristan Telander