It’s not me… imagines the planet, and a human being in a make-or-break conversation about the future.

How did we get here? Is there any way out of this mess? There must be a way; especially since we want the same thing—to survive.

This searing dance-theatre work lays bare the emotions we all feel when facing the climate emergency: fear, helplessness, anger, empowerment, wonder and hope.

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Creative Vision

Like a lot of our collaborators, participants and audiences, we felt overwhelmed by the climate crisis. We felt like we didn’t have enough information. We felt we were facing a collective imminent global crisis with inadequate tools, as individuals, to avoid it .

We had questions like: Are we doing enough? Are the changes we can make going to make any difference?

It’s not me… is how we chose, as artists, to combat our feeling of helplessness. To investigate, learn, respond and share. To encourage ourselves and our collaborators, participants and audiences to move the conversation past inertia and toward hope.

The resulting work, we hope, provides a sense of optimism, an emboldenment to advocate for change, however big or small. It encourages each of us to take action, not by dictating, or advising, or preaching the action to take, but by sharing, reflecting and imagining.

Using text to humanise the conversation between the human race and the planet, and movement to create multiple layers of meaning, emotion and imagery It’s not me employs all our tools as interdisciplinary artists to do what we do best—make engaging, moving works that encourage conversation and action.

“an impressive whirlwind of intensity.”

“powerful and expressive”



Choreographer and Director – Wayne Parsons
Writer – Ankur Bahl
Dramaturg – Pooja Ghai
Designer – Nicolai Hart-Hansen
Lighting Designer – Guy Hoare
Composer and Sound Designer – Max Pappenhiem
Artistic Advisors – Jane Castree and Alison Chadwick


Alethia Antonia
Vanessa Guevara Flores
Juliana Lisk
Katie Lusby
Michael Marcus

R&D Performers

Kate Duchene
Katie Lusby

Michael Marcus
Clemmie Sveaas
Caldonia Walton


Producers – Lise Smith and Wayne Parsons
Production Manager – David Sherman

Production Administrator – Georgia Shire
Environment Officer – Marla King

It’s not me… was commissioned by Dance City, Newcastle and supported by the Gillian Dickinson Trust and Arts Council England. 

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Image credits: Luke Waddington